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Your Business Needs A Mobile Responsive Website

“Do you have a business website? If yes, then you must make sure that it is a Mobile Responsive Website. In the past, it was a common practice to have separate mobile and desktop websites. The biggest problem with this approach was that maintaining two different sites was proving to be time-consuming and very expensive. Whereas it’s the Google recommended practice to build a single multi-responsive website. That means your site shall work smoothly across all the major devices such as mobiles, tablets or desktop. VowelWeb offers you an excellent Website Designing service in Nagpur with complete mobile-device responsiveness.

Advantages Of Building A Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive design means your site adapts to the device on which it gets accessed to deliver the best possible experience. Take a look at its benefits:

    • Recommended By Google:

Responsive design is favoured in Google’s ranking algorithm over having separate websites for different devices.

    • Massive Mobile Usage:

You are hamstringing your company and even cutting out a significant amount of business potential by not having a mobile device friendly website. A large number of people shop through their smartphones and access the internet using their mobile devices. It’s a prime time for you to upgrade your business website with a professional responsive design.

    • Improved User Experience:

If your site is easily viewable on the mobile device, your website visitor is more likely to stay on your site and browse further. If it’s taking more time than usual for the user to zoom and scroll around a desktop site on their mobile, they are likely to leave your website within a few seconds!

    • Higher Bounce Rates:

High bounce rates will be a problem for the business you are running if your site is not working well across mobile, tablet and desktop. A responsive design displays all the contents of the desktop site in a much more functional and practical manner. It ensures that the visitors are receiving the complete information they are hunting. It keeps the bounce rates minimum and the users engaged.

  • Better SEO:

Increasing your website’s position in the search engine depends on the crucial factor of building a Responsive Design for it. One responsive site means investing in marketing just for once. Even the URLs of your website pages remains consistent for all devices. It enhances the website visibility and ranking on search engines.

Vowel Web Is There To Make It Happen

VowelWeb is well aware that mobile browsing is on the rise and hence we make responsive websites for you using Programming Applications. We will help you to save your business time, to achieve the best SEO outputs, reduce management and development costs, improve conversions and much more.”

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