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Celebrating World Wildlife Day To Conserve Flora And Fauna

Every year World Wildlife day takes place on 3rd of March. World Wildlife day was created by the United Nations to celebrate and acknowledge the diverse wildlife forms found around our world. It encourages the view to support the requirement to improve the quality of our planet’s wildlife. The day focuses on raising awareness among people around the world about the significance of wildlife on our planet. Additionally, it strongly emphasises on recognising the contributions of world’s wildlife on our economy, genetics and culture.

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Different meetings take place on this day around the world. Various special events take place in schools that teach children about the importance of wildlife. People visit the zoos and other wildlife sites on this day. Furthermore, special charity events take place to raise funds supporting the zoos and protecting the habitats. For our ecosystem, wildlife is vital. People learn about the way animals dwelling in the wild. Moreover, they understand the things responsible for making animals stay healthy.

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