Joomla developers – For Building Your Website

Joomla is a well-known software package which is used for building, organizing, managing and publishing content required for websites, mobile applications, blogs and intranets. It is a very good base to build web applications. Joomla is a very good Content Management System(CMS) choice for those web designers who are having enough experience in coding to develop a professional and unique business website. It is a decent choice for those companies who are looking to set up their basic website to a more appealing, interactive, unique and professional one.

Features of Joomla:

Multilingual –

Joomla offers more than 64 languages. Websites can be created in multiple languages by the webmasters and content creators without stepping outside the options of core software of Joomla. Multilinguality helps in reaching a wider audience.

Well Supported –

The worldwide enthusiastic community of this platform is filled with the teams of individuals who are world class business consultants and developers.

Easy Upgrades –

It makes the process of software updation for users of any skill level easy by allowing the feature of “One Click Version Update”. It gives it’s users effortless tools to keep their site up-to-date.

Integrated Help System –

For users of any level, Joomla provides an in-app help system to operate. Provides a help button for users to understand all options on the page.

Media Manager –

You want to upload, manage and organize your media files and folders easily then you can do this via Media Manager tool. It has configurable MIME settings that lets in handling more types of files.

Banner Management –

Users can easily advertise and monetize their website with the banner manager feature. You can add as many banners as you want.

Contact Management –

You can add many contacts, departments and categories, can add additional information by the contacts component feature.

Search Better and Smarter –

Due to the availability of built-in search and smart search the visitors of your website will be able to find the appropriate information easily and quickly on your site.

Content Management –

It is a Content Management System having great features that helps in well organizing and managing your content.

Nested Categorization –

Organization is a key requirement for managing the contents. Creation of categories with nesting without any limits on depth helps in managing large websites.

Tagging –

A flat organization structure best served by tagging is required when the categorization is not sufficient to structure the content.

Frontend Editing –

For simple edits of content and modules you don’t have to login to the administration. You can simply click and edit from the frontend.

Content Versioning –

No fear of losing the previous important version of your content and other changes on your site. If required, can revert to previous versions.

Menu Manager –

You can create as many menus as you want through Menu Manager.

Powerful Extensibility –

You can enhance Joomla as per your needs by visiting it’s Extensions Directory or you can also use the Joomla extension finder.

Pros –

It is an open-source platform allowing free modification and code distribution.

Cons –

Joomla is complex as compared to WordPress thus it makes it slightly difficult to incorporate your own custom design.Joomla has a limited marketplace for extra modules and add-ons.