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Shopify Benefits – Is Shopify Really Advantageous?

“Some people do not want to deal with coding and want to sell away their products online directly. For such individuals, Shopify has come out to be the easiest and convenient way. If you too are afraid of its technicality but still want your e-commerce store, Shopify is the best platform to opt. Advantages of Shopify are listed as below:

1.Shopify Offers Much Better User Interface

Shopify knows it well who all are its customers and if you fit in its customer profile, then you are sure to be satisfied by this platform with better user experience as compared to other e-commerce platforms.

2.Good App Integrations with SaaS Services:

SaaS e-commerce service companies like Shopify because their customers are familiar with a monthly payment subscription for services. It is the platform where you will find innovative services. Also, SaaS companies do not go for other platforms like Woocommerce or Openchart because these are used by people who do not pay on a monthly basis. So, many of the convenient services do not integrate on these platforms.

3.End To End Service Integration:

Its workflow is very convenient. No other e-commerce platform such this kind of convenience.

4.Security And Reliability:

It is a globally hosted service which means it is being monitored by people for 24 hours a day and seven days a week hence if any problem arises they are present to deal with it. Its team of professionals takes care of server maintenance and upgrades so as to keep your shopping cart available and it loads swiftly.

5.Better Loading Speed:

The advantage of e-commerce platform is that it is a globally hosted solution having a reliable infrastructure. The hardware and software of Shopify are optimised, and hence they combining helps in faster loading of websites. Whereas, other platforms require more work to catch the speed. The speed difference ranges between milliseconds to seconds.

6.Offers Good Looking Website:

To make your online shop look great Shopify provides a variety of beautiful and professional templates. A good looking site helps in building credibility and encourages more visitors. It provides a Theme Store from where you can pick their collection of premium themes. Professional theme designers design all the themes at their domain. They do an exhaustive quality check for all these themes thus helps in building a professional looking website.


The platform is flexible and is well occupied with every sort of app to meet all the requirements and helps in improving the functionality of your online store. Shopify has a great App Store with a large number of different apps for the users. These apps automate a lot of your business processes. This feature is the biggest strength of Shopify; it provides you with a way of building your online store and also handle payments. It also offers a number of helpful tools you need to carry out other important aspects regarding the successful business. The apps are completely integrated into Shopify, so it becomes very easy for you to use them. You simply have to plug and play, and it will save a lot of your time and work.

8. 24/7 availability:

Shopify support is fully available 24/7. It provides supports through phone, email, online live chat. You can reach the platform anytime as per your convenience.


1.Reliance on 3rd party apps:

You need to use apps to add functionalities. Third parties build and support these apps, and therefore it has various levels of quality and cost. Your implementation can become a bit messy once you start installing the apps and you may come to know that you cannot access the feature of adjusting the looks thus you feel to get some additional apps.

2.Carefully Choose Your Template:

When choosing the type of template to use as a starting point, you must consider that some functionalities are built into the templates. A Shopify professional must be able to use codes so as to add desired features to a template but it will be very expensive to choose a theme with inbuilt functionalities.

3.Content Limitations:

Shopify does not support different types of content very well. The blog layout is limited so to do something unusual you have to set it up on any other blogging platform and then run it on blog.yoursite.com. Shopify is optimised for selling products; it is not a content management system. It lags in allowing the addition of large content such as videos and other similar stuff.

4.Limited Shipping Options:

The shipping price rules depend on the total amount of the order and total weight, and hence this is limited to very few retailers.

5.Checkout can’t be Customized:

Checkouts too are hosted by Shopify, and these checkouts are styled with CSS but no editing can be done to the additional fields, and there is limited control over the behaviour. But some retailers wants to add advanced features like postcode lookup, and it becomes a frustrating task for them.

6.Dependence On Third Party:

To have a third party is like having a risk and owing to the significant changes in services done by them it would greatly affect your business.

7.Service Lock-in

You can surely export your orders and other data from Shopify but it is a lot of hassle, and you may lose the custom setup of your site too. Shopify is a hosting solution, and therefore your website and data is not 100% yours. If they decide to make changes in the fee structure, include unreasonable policies, implementation of additional fees, you can’t do anything about it except doing what they asked.

8.Limited Features:

This platform is simple due to the available limited set of features it has. Other advanced e-commerce platforms offer features like recommended products, email, contact forms, etc. But these are not the core features of Shopify.

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