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Tactics To Find New Offline Clients

Do you also overlook the strategy of offline lead generation? Freelancers and agencies who are working in the web design industry often do this.

It is easy to focus on your market and new business acquisition efforts online due to the digital nature of your work. But direct face-to-face interactions with potential leads are possible only through offline marketing in the digital world.

I am presenting before you a collection of four offline lead generation tactics that are helpful for you in finding potential new clients for your agency, business or a budding web design freelance.

1. You can host Workshop for the local entrepreneurs

Through workshops, you can position yourself as a local expert in your field. You can directly engage with potential leads in a meaningful way. The attendees will find you as a consultant for web design and e-commerce. Provide them with information and real insights which will be helpful to them in making a difference in their business.

Confused? To target entrepreneurs, following are a few potential workshop themes:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation 101
  • Introduction to Customer Acquisition Techniques
  • Setting up your Shopify Store

Gather email addresses from your attendees so as to allow follow-up afterwards and initiate a conversation about any potential business opportunities.

2. Involve Speaking Engagements At Industry Events

Include examples and case studies. You can make use of SMS lead capturing software such as LeadPage’s Leaddigits. Add key talking points to cover in your presentation. Initiate the communication with some interesting articles or resources.

3. You can set up a Booth at the Industry Tradeshow

Become an exhibitor. Design and create the booth. Speak to the attendees about your service offerings. Try to follow up with case study or article that might be of interest to your attendees. And measure the ROI of attending the tradeshow to know whether it was worth your while. If you want to work with e-commerce clients, you can check out some of the world’s top e-commerce conferences and retail events, as a starting point.

4. Go for Cold Calling in Person At Local Businesses

Start by identifying businesses in your city that could be benefited from an e-commerce presence. Research about their product offerings and try to know whether they have an existing website or not. If they have, identify it’s weakness or opportunities. Does the site need some design polishing? Is it responsive? Is the site optimised for local search results? These are the services that you could confidently pitch business owners for. Tell them the benefits of e-commerce, inform them about the impact of using a Shopify store and how easy it is to use.

Offline Clients

Win Some New Business By Getting Offline

Just because you offer your services entirely online, doesn’t mean that your lead generation tactics should also be purely online. There are many freelancers, consultants and agencies who have found new business by implementing the above offline tactics. Step out and build your reputable brand in real life!

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