PrestaShop – The Haves And Have Nots

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A Quick Look At PrestaShop:

It is an open source platform and it is completely free. It is not a hosted ecommerce solution so it is required to go through it’s website and click on the download button displayed on their homepage.

Dashboard :

It has a sleek dashboard also known as Back Office. It is not heavily filled up with texts like other ecommerce platforms, without crammed pages and menus. The dashboard looks extremely professional and modern.

Intelligent Merchant KPI :

The Intelligent Merchant KPI is used for displaying relevant facts and figures regarding the stock levels, abandoned carts, profit margins, etc. The platform has a statistical power that goes beyond their dashboard page.

Adding Products :

PrestaShop product creation page is well detailed that allows the description of your product extensively. There are lots of features that focuses on product creation and this platform manages to categorize them well. So, you can very easily upload all types of products i.e. very simple products or extremely detailed.

Templates And Design :

PrestaShop offers a lot of templates including premium templates and those designed well by certified partners. Also, there are some templates which are developed by third parties. It offers extensive templating options in high quality.

The Front Office :

This platform offers many “Front Office” enhancements that has helped the PrestaShop users a lot due to the sprucing up of numerous options of front end design. Products can be filtered by color, size, style, materials, price, etc just by few clicks.

Shipping And Payment :

It allows it’s users to set up different carriers as per their expectations which is simply fantastic! It allows users to set handling charges, default carriers, etc. Regarding payment gateways, a nice variety of free options are provided by PrestaShop.

Apps & Extras :

PrestaShop offers modules for customization of their online store.

Getting Help :

The online community of this platform stretches far and wide because it is not a newcomer to the ecommerce market. The online forum of PrestaShop helps the users in getting their answers quickly.

Pricing :

It is an open-source and it is completely free. You don’t have to spend anything on this platform to build your online store.


  • Open-source and completely free
  • Offers everything required to set up an online store
  • Sleek, detailed and user-friendly platform
  • Quick and easy product creation
  • Too many modules and templates for users
  • Templates are of high standard
  • This platform has detailed statistics
  • It is impressive because of Intelligent Merchant KPI and Forecasting
  • Huge online community


  • The pricing system and the premium themes needs to be reviewed.
  • There are some minor cosmetic and functional flaws within the dashboard.
  • Built-in marketing options are not in ample.


PrestaShop is easy to use and offers free plugins and templates that can be implemented on the user’s ecommerce website. For those small businesses who wants an entry into the online market, PrestaShop offers ideal conditions.