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“Stand And Reflect” In The World Of Opportunities

“Well done! You’ve completed your studies. Now you are looking forward to land into a job and get your career underway for which you have worked so hard. Are you ready for that? You have submitted many applications, and still, you are not getting a job! It’s not that you are not alone. You have got so much to offer and are full of optimism, freshly minted for a career. It is the time for you to stand out and showcase your potential.

Have you thought about your resume? Does your resume reflect all the work that you have done to bring yourself to the workforce? What you need to do is, work on your resume.

A resume is a foremost thing that allows you to interact with the employers. It’s more than that just a piece of paper, a precious entity that gets you probably from ‘somewhere else’ to ‘somewhere else’! There was a time when I was stuck in the same situation, and I, therefore, understand what it is actually to be in such a situation. So I have brought before you the following important points regarding your resume:

Standout And Be Noticeable

It is not enough to simply follow up, use above average grammar, or possess listening skills. It is a fact that the employers are swamped-up with too many job applicants. Hence, it becomes very necessary to make a positive lasting impression on the recruiter to get the job. Your chances of getting the job increases by implementing the communication skills. Earlier, it was acceptable to keep the job ad into your memory simply. But you must go on doing researches regarding the employers and also the position for which you are applying. When you arm yourself with such information, it shows your interest in the job to the hiring manager.

Tell Skill Supportive Stories

Candidates usually tell the employers that they possess a strong work ethic. Instead of doing this, you should tell the hiring manager that how do you get the things done. Explain them about your earlier projects and the way you came above the great obstructions to get that project finished before the set time. Tell them about your step-by-step approach and show your passion and excitement about being result oriented. Excuses are not appreciated by the employers for missing the deadlines; they look at the actions taken to complete the task. Making a direct eye contact with the interviewer while interacting with him shows your confidence. Positive body language helps in making or breaking the deal.

Put An Action-Oriented Resume

Your resume must communicate more. When your resume convey the same thing what others are doing, it lands in the rubbish bin. Your resume must cover the bullet-pointed actions that you have accomplished. The recruiters are too busy to find out what your resume is saying. Hence, vivid bullet points become helpful and describe real actions. Thereby, you can lead over other job seekers.

Customizing The Resume

It happens mostly that the candidates write one generic resume. Tailor your resume well for every particular position that you are applying for. Take an example of applying for a purchasing position where you need to highlight your abilities about finding good deals and about your negotiation skills. Whereas, if you are opting for a marketing job, mention about your creative expertise and the way your skills and efforts can benefit the company.

Create Online Presence

Bring out the creativity in you and make your online digital resume or portfolio. Use the Internet and seek the attention of the prospective employers towards you. Showcase your personality in a smarter way. Have a look at the following links Link1 and Link2

Show Your Worth And Value

Finally, know the quality of your skills and talents; put them on your resume and during interviews. The body language you portrayed during the interview gives a strong signal to the recruiter. Confidence is another important message that must be sent.

This is a world of competition, and you must grab your seat as early as possible. Due to the downturn in the economy, the job market is overcrowded with too many applicants. Ignite the spark in you and let the employers chase you. Level yourself up, polish your skills and get where you want.

There are lots of opportunities available in the job market, waiting for you. Your resume is a useful tool to market yourself. If you are finding any trouble, talk to us, we are ever ready to help you. All your queries are invited. For any questions, mail us at [email protected]. Know more at www.vowelweb.com.

Make yourself unique in the job market.

Share your thoughts and opinions with us.”

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