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World Red Cross Day Devoted To Strengthen Humanity

All over the world, 8th May – World Red Cross Day has been purely dedicated to the divine cause of saving lives. It’s an annual event day to celebrate the principles laid down by the “International Red Cross” and “Red Crescent Movement”. Every year we celebrate it to pay tribute to all the volunteers who have given and are giving their unique contribution for life-saving purposes. Furthermore, the Red Cross Society aims at a mission to inspire, motivate and enthusiastically begin different forms of humanitarian activities as an approach to minimise human suffering and establish a peaceful environment.

Principles of The Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Society has laid down the following seven principles:

Humanity: The principal purpose is to save life and health as well as to assure respect for human beings. It is promoting co-operation, friendship and mutual understanding among people.

Impartiality: Helping people entirely by their requirements regardless of their nationality, class and race.

Neutrality: No engagement in controversies related to politics, races, religions or any ideological nature.

Independence: It’s entirely an independent movement.

Voluntary service: This relief action is voluntary without any desire for gain through it.

Unity: In any country, there can be only one Red Cross society carrying out its work all throughout its territory.

Universality: It’s a global approach of the International Red Cross Movement where all communities share similar humanitarian duties.

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