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Mobile Responsive Website Must Have The Crucial Factors

The concept of mobile responsive website came into existence few years ago when trend of smart phones flooded the world. It gave rise to the need for a mobile responsive website that would work on almost every screen size. Initially, developers approached making two different websites separate for desktops and mobiles. The demerit of this was that companies had to maintain two separate websites simultaneously. This was very inconvenient so, they decided to get one single design that works for both small screens as well as desktops.


Flexibility is the foremost quality of a mobile responsive website . The design has to be flexible. That means the various website sections will be flexible within the limits of the screen size. For instance, we see that the website columns become narrow and wide according to the screen size on which we are viewing the website. And if the website is not responsive, the major portion of the site will get cut-off or you’ll have to zoom the page on small screen sizes.


Secondly, the websites have to be adjustable. By adjustability we mean that it allows you to change and move easily around on the small screens. For example, you are able to see only one column of a website on small screens. Whereas the website adjusts properly on the entire screen of a desktop. The responsiveness will enable the website to appear good in all screen sizes.


Content is the significant part of any website. Responsive design has a tricky part to make the things work well on the screens of handheld devices. This is because only a small space is available on small screens to work on. You have to make sure that when you are putting content on website, they will appear better on small screens. You will have to see to it that the message you want to convey to people through your website is delivering properly. The visual appearance on small screen sizes should not distract them. While scrolling through your webpage, they must view the important parts of that particular page. Hence, it’s important that the website content appearing on the mobile screens must convey the message which you want to pass on to the users.

Vowelweb takes into consideration all the above three important factors while designing any website. The mobile responsive websites we make thoroughly covers the crucial factors viz. flexibility, adjustability and content. We undertake projects from our clients and delivers 100% satisfactory results.

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