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Signs That You Are Ready As Project Manager

How would you know that you deserve to be the Project Manager?

Has the time arrived when you can confidently imagine yourself as a Project Manager? You want to move into a Project Manager position but are not sure if the time is right?

If it is so, take a look at the signs below:

  • More people come to you for seeking your advice regarding the project, and you enjoy this informal mentoring role.
  • You’re highly able to adapt your communication style to the person or the co-worker you are communicating with.
  • You no more feel stressed out when your boss asks you to change your assignments’ priorities with short notice.
  • You have started feeling more confident when appearing for presentations and facing the customers.
  • You’re more comfortable working at the edge of your comfort zone.
  • You’ve received excellent feedback from your boss and senior staff.
  • Your manager is asking you what you’d like to do next.

Then, as per my perspective, I can say that you’ve almost reached where you always wanted to.

The Team Must Follow Your Instructions Without Hesitation

So, I may not be wrong to say that you have polished yourself for a far better position, authority & designation! It’s your turn now to take the lead and show the leadership qualities which were hidden somewhere within you since a long time. Now is the time you’ve to bang on! You’ve to step forward and bring out the Project Manager in you. You’ve to lead rather than being led by! You’ve got enough potential to show the world what you are and bring in the profit.

Be creative, bring innovative ideas and success will knock your door. Project management is the most critical part of a successful business, and now the key to success is in your hands! Go ahead and shine!

Project Manager

Few Techniques For Managing A Project

If you are interested in managing the project yourself, use the following techniques:

  • Create Milestones. Split the project into manageable chunks with each chunk taking its particular duration worth of work.
  • Whenever work begins on a new milestone, ask for time estimates. Make an estimate of how long each major feature will take.
  • Long meetings can sometimes become unavoidable; hence, you can arrange Stand-Up meetings, generally limited to 15 minutes.
  • Adopt Ticketing System. A good ticketing system allows you to create tasks, impart various resolutions, assign priority as well as due dates.

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